Duck Ponds in Davis County, Utah

Spring is officially here! One of my family’s favorite things to do when the weather is nice is to go feed the ducks! After visiting all of these duck ponds in preparation for this post, my 1-year-old has greatly improved his “quack!” Here is a list of the best places to feed the ducks in Davis County. Please let us know if you have other suggestions!

Clinton Pond-Oh my goodness. As soon as we stepped out of the car we had a welcoming party of about 50 ducks waddling toward us! They were absolutely hilarious to feed, and they would eat right out of our hands! My 3 boys and I were all laughing at their antics! (2415 N 3000 W, Clinton)

Steed Pond-There were only a couple of ducks when we visited this pond and they weren’t terribly interested in food. But that may have been unusual for the location! The nice thing about this pond is that it’s directly adjacent to a park with restrooms, a playground, and a volleyball court. (300 N 1000 W, Clearfield)

Mabey Pond-If you aren’t watching for it, this pond is easy to miss! It’s nestled directly behind some houses in a residential area, but there is a small parking area specifically for the pond even though it feels like you’re turning into a driveway. A short path leads down to the pond, behind the houses. This pond had quite a few ducks and geese. (310 S 500 E, Clearfield)

Jensen Nature Park-This beautiful park has a lot of wide, open space and a nice trail that goes around the water and over a bridge. There were plenty of ducks here, and they were all eager to eat! (3176 S Bluff Rd, Syracuse)

Layton Pond-This pond is directly north of the Layton library, and there are tons of ducks and geese that will come right up close to eat! My favorite thing about this pond is that it’s part of a creek that borders a 1.5 mile walking trail, so you can visit the ducks while out on a walk or run! It’s also part of Layton Commons, which features a playground that still has a merry-go-round and swings, which are pretty rare finds these days! (437 N Wasatch Dr, Layton)

Kaysville PondsThere are several ponds surrounded by walking paths here. It’s just about a half-mile down the road from Ponds Park, and the ponds are directly adjacent to the USU Botanical Center and the Utah House. My husband and I enjoy bringing a picnic and walking around the ponds for date night! (550 S 50 W, Kaysville)

Farmington Pond-This pond is located on the east end of Farmington, just below the mouth of Farmington Canyon. My boys loved the dock at this pond, and I love that the Lagoon Trail connects in as well, so you can stop by on a little family outing! (750 N 100 W, Farmington)

Bountiful Pond-This pond is located just west of Legacy Highway. It’s a popular spot for fishing, but we were the only ones there for the ducks! This pond also has a trail around it and is located in a large, open area. To access, just take the 500 South exit off of Legacy and turn right. The road will curve back around and head north, and the pond will be off to the left just before the road dead-ends. (W 1600 N, Woods Cross)

3 Responses to “Duck Ponds in Davis County, Utah

  • Amberly
    6 years ago

    I didn’t know Farmington pond had ducks!! 🙂 That’s fun. and I didn’t know that Bountiful pond was good for fishing AND ducks. I’m adding things to my “when baby boy is bigger” list right now!

  • Took my kids to bountiful pond today and fed 20+ ducks. Glad I didn’t have to drive all the way to Layton. It’s a great activity for little ones!

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