Top 5 Things we LOVE about Funtopia!

Our family received a free session at Funtopia. All opinions are 100% our own.

When my family had the opportunity to try out Funtopia-Utah, I jumped at the chance!
I love indoor rock climbing, and I was anxious to see how my three little boys, ages 5, 3, and 1, would do with it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but whatever my expectations were, Funtopia exceeded them! Here are the top 5 things we love about Funtopia!

1-Friendly Staff
One of the first things I noticed as we walked in to begin our session was how friendly and kind the staff was! They immediately addressed any needs we had, helped us with our equipment, and gave us suggestions. They were so helpful both in person and on the phone. Friendly employees make a huge difference in the overall experience, and Funtopia’s staff did not disappoint!

2-Auto-Belay System
Since the rock-climbing I’ve done in the past required a partner to belay, I expected this to be the same. So I asked my 16-year-old sister to come along to help us out with the kids. I was pleasantly surprised when we got there to see the instructional video that demonstrated the auto-belay system! As attendees climb, their cables automatically reel up above them, and when they fall they slowly drop back to the ground. In fact, my 3-year-old loved this feature more than anything! He would climb up 7 or 8 feet up and then jump out into the air so he could coast down to the ground with a huge smile on his face every single time! He did this on repeat for essentially the entire hour we were there, asking, “Wanna see me in action??” over and over!
*Note: The auto-belay system is intended to work for children 35 pounds and heavier.

3-Many Activities Available

In addition to rock-climbing, Funtopia offers an amazing parabolic slide and an activity where you can jump off a platform high in the air to catch yourself on a bar! There are also several climbing activities to experience besides walls; my boys loved the climbing net the most, but there were also ladders, blocks, and tall buildings to walk on.

4-Variety of Climbing Walls

It was so fun to try climbing things other than rocks! One particularly nerve-wracking wall had climbing pieces that collapsed periodically as you climbed, so you never knew if your handhold or foothold was going to give way! We loved racing on the standard rock-wall, which had two belay systems on it. And the glow-in-the-dark wall helped my 5-year-old overcome his nervousness and start to enjoy climbing!

5-Great For All Ages
I read online that Funtopia is intended for kids 4 and up, so I pictured a small rock-climbing gym with walls unsuitable for adult use, and I was also concerned that my 3-year-old and 1-year-old might not enjoy the activity. But when we walked in it became evident that this would be a great experience for the whole family! The rock walls vary in difficulty, and even my husband and I enjoyed climbing. My 16-year-old sister ended up climbing more than anyone! My 1-year-old loved stacking up the climbing blocks while his brothers were climbing. While the activities at Funtopia are made for ages 4 and up, there are certainly things to do with smaller children while the bigger kids do the real climbing.

Still not convinced?
Watch the video below, and then anticipate the fun your family will have at Funtopia–a place that lives up to its name!
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