The Escape Key Review

Thanks to The Escape Key Utah for providing us with an opportunity to try it out in preparation for this post!

A few months ago, I saw on Facebook that a friend of mine had returned from what she termed the “funnest date ever!” She described being locked in a room and having 60 minutes to find the clues to get out. I was instantly intrigued and knew it sounded like something my family would love!

The Escape Key has recently opened in Downtown Salt Lake City and, like my friend explained, it features different rooms that each have a scenario wherein you have to solve a mystery and put clues together to get out of the room (1 room is currently running with 2 more soon to open). Up to 10 people can participate in a room, so you can bring along your own large group or you may be put together with other smaller groups which increases the challenge as you learn to work with strangers!

To keep the challenge a secret, I won’t give too many details about the room we were in, but it was essentially a sitting room that was filled with objects. Many contain clues that will help you crack the code to get out of the room, but there are many things that are there to distract you or throw you off as well! While in the room, you are videotaped so hints can be given via a television screen as needed and also so that if there is a need to get out of the room before you crack the code you can be let out. The television screen also serves to provide you with more information about the scenario as you go along and to display the timer (which really gets your adrenaline going as you see it ticking down!).

I invited my parents and several of my siblings and their spouses to come along with my husband and I. I was concerned that our group of 10 people would be too many or that the clues would be too easy for us all to solve (I’ve got some pretty brainy family members!), but it was a serious challenge. We ended up making it out with about 12 minutes to spare with us all working together! I definitely suggest going with at least a small group, as it would have been really difficult to find all of the information with just my husband and I. We had some hysterically funny moments as we tried to crack the code, and we were talking about the experience for a good hour afterwards. Everyone thought it was amazing and we are all hoping to go back to try out the other rooms! (Currently the room open has a Sherlock theme; the two remaining rooms will have a CSI theme and a Mission Impossible theme.) Each member of my family enjoyed our experience there, from my teenage siblings up to my parents, who are in their 50s. It’s an experience I highly recommend!

To get more information and to schedule a time to go, visit their website!

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