Educational Options in Davis County, Utah

Special thanks to Kara Finley of Academica West in Kaysville for putting together this post for us, highlighting educational options available in Davis County!

Each child has unique needs, talents, and learning styles.  We are fortunate to have a variety of educational options in Davis County available to fit each family’s desire.  Read more to learn about the elementary, junior high, and high school options available for your child:

Traditional District Public Schools
Davis School District is the second largest district in Utah with 60 elementary schools and 16 junior high schools.  As a traditional school district, the schools are tuition-free and students are enrolled by pre-determined school boundaries (variances may be available).  Davis School District provides bus transportation, has a variety of immersion schools, and works hard to put learning first!  Find your traditional district school HERE! 

Public Charter Schools
Charter Schools are tuition-free public schools that have a specific educational emphasis.  Charter Schools have no enrollment boundaries, hire licensed and certified staff (similar to the traditional school district), and are accredited institutes.

Davis County families are lucky to have an assortment of Charter Schools within easy driving distance.  Charter Schools accept students through a randomized lottery and enrollment is limited – so apply early!  Check out the schools below to find out how they can provide a exceptional education to your kids:

Ascent Academies of Utah
Farmington Ÿ Grades K-9

HighMark Charter School
South Weber Ÿ Grades K-9 

Jefferson Academy
Kaysville Ÿ Grades K-6

Leadership Learning Academy
Layton Ÿ Grades K-6

Legacy Preparatory Academy
Woods Cross  K-9

Mountain Heights Academy
Online Ÿ Grades 7-12

North Davis Preparatory Academy
Layton Ÿ Grades K-9

Spectrum Academy
North Salt Lake  Grades K-5, 8-12

Syracuse Arts Academy
Syracuse Ÿ Grades K-9 

Voyage Academy
Clinton Ÿ Grades K-6 

Wasatch Peak Academy
North Salt Lake  Grades K-6

Private Schools
Private schools are supported and operated by private organizations or individuals and charge tuition.  Private schools serve a variety of students and purposes, and may be secular or sectarian schools, Montessori schools, or have unique educational philosophies.  To see a list of the private schools available in Davis County click HERE.

Home School
If you would like to home school your child, the traditional school district in which you reside will serve as your local jurisdiction.  Contact the district in order to find out what supports are provided and to complete the affidavit required for home school instruction.  There are great resources available now to families who are seeking to home school.  Visit the Utah State Office of Education website, the Utah Home Education Association website, and find a support system by joining a local home school group.

Remember, you have a CHOICE in your child’s education! 

5 Responses to “Educational Options in Davis County, Utah

  • Jocilyn
    6 years ago

    There are also three charter schools in North Salt Lake (near Woods Cross). They are Spectrum Academy, Legacy Preparatory Academy, and Wasatch Peak Academy.

    • Davis County Mom
      6 years ago

      Thanks for catching that! I’ll have to add them to her list. 🙂

  • Paula Whitaker
    6 years ago

    I created a website that is just dedicated to educational options in Davis and Weber County Utah.

  • Tami Sheffield
    4 years ago

    I would love to learn on how to do homeschool since he’s having difficulties with one of the teachers and won’t attend school. My son asked me to do it but his dad and his dad’s mom refuses to let me. I would love to do it and to enjoy teaching other kids too

  • Cayla Fitzgibbon
    2 months ago