Hippie Skin Review


I received a free gift box of Hippie Skin products to try in preparation for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

 Have you heard of Hippie Skin yet?
It’s a locally based company offering an array of all-natural skin-care products, based around essential oils! Bethany, the founder, says,

“When I began with Hippie Luxe, it didn’t take long for friends and family to take notice of the change in my skin and they wanted in. Then, using balance as our focus, we slowly and carefully crafted it in to what it is today…All of the skin care blends that make up Hippie Skin are 100% natural, therapeutic grade…”

(You can read more about her background here.)

Hippie Skin has 7 different products available, but a great way to start is with the Everyday Bundle Box. This box includes Hippie Honey, Hippie Luxe, Hippie Mist, and a Norwex body cloth. This box contains enough of each product to last several months, so it really is a great value!

The Hippie Honey was my favorite Hippie Skin product. It did amazing things to the texture of my skin, not to mention its exfoliating ability. I’ve never had such clear pores, and I have tried a lot of different exfoliating cleansers! Hippie Honey is made with raw honey, so the crystals gently scrub away dirt and bacteria, and the carrot seed and lavender essential oils nourish the skin.

Hippie Luxe is an intense moisturizer. It is made primarily with coconut oil and olive oil, both known to moisturize and repair the skin. Because my skin is fairly oily on its own, I used just a little on my fingertip and after placing the hot Norwex cloth on my face until it cooled, I used a little soap to remove the excess oil. This left my skin glowing more than it has since I was a child, and it also firmed up bags under my eyes!

The Hippie Mist was the last product I used. It is made from apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, and lemongrass oil. It is sprayed on the skin to help tone the skin and reduce breakouts. I sprayed this on after washing the Hippie Luxe off.

The best thing about Hippie Skin was the overall healthy glow it gave my skin as well as the deep cleaning of the pores. While small pimples and blackheads were greatly reduced, I did have some large pimples surface after using Hippie Skin for a couple of weeks. Bethany assured me that this is normal–as the skin is cleansed some of the more deep toxins will be pulled to the surface by the oils, and it can take as long as 6 months to fully achieve desired results. But even with a couple of bigger pimples, I felt like my skin looked healthier overall.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Bethany and learn more about the great products she offers!


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