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We visited The Haunted Village at This is the Place Park this past Saturday.  My husband and I took our 2 daughters, ages 13 and 16.  None of us had ever been there for Halloween before, so we didn’t know what to expect.  As our luck goes, we arrived on the busiest night of the season, just behind a huge group, so we had to wait for about an hour to get in which (we were told) is not the norm.  However, it allowed us time to talk and laugh with our girls, get in the mind-set for a haunted house, and it moved pretty quickly.

They sent us through in a group of 7, which was perfect, as it allowed us to be able to experience everything.  This year’s theme is Grimm’s Fairy Tales, so we saw a few recognizable figures through-out the park, albeit, a more gruesome version than you’d ever find in anything Disney-related.  We went through several of the buildings in the park, through some small groves of trees, and a makeshift Pioneer cemetery.  They kept the spooks coming, and there was plenty of screaming going on (some of it may or may not have come from me).  It was a good mix of scary and fun.  We even caught a glimpse of The Headless Horseman.  Total time spent in the park (not including waiting in line) was about 45 minutes.  We especially liked that there is a train at the end to take you back to the exit.  In considering whether to take kids or not, recommended ages are 12 and up; I would definitely not take kids younger than 10 or 11.  However, my 16 year old was more scared than my 13 year old, so age is all relative!  I would definitely go back to the Haunted Village next year, and it’s got my interest peaked for their Candlelight Christmas in December!

This Is The Place Haunted Village:
Open Wednesday-Saturday (October 14-31)

(This is the last week so make sure you take advantage of the coupon and have a spooky fun night with your family!)

  • $20 per person
  • Ticket sales begin at 6:30 pm. Gates open at 7:30 pm
  • Last tickets sold at 10:00 pm
  • This Is The Place Heritage Park: 2601 E. Sunnyside Avenue, Salt Lake City

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