Disney On Ice Presents Frozen Review

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My daughter and I were so excited to attend Frozen Disney On Ice for the first time last night.  As it was sponsored by Stonyfield YoKids they started off the event talking about staying active and being healthy. I really liked that they put such a great message at the beginning of their performance.  Then as with most Disney on Ice performances Mickey and Minnie came out to introduce the show.  I also loved in this performance that they had a  big number at the beginning of the show with lots of Disney princesses and other characters. It seemed to get the kids (and whole crowd) really excited and pumped up for the show.

I thought they did a fantastic job with this performance. It stayed very true to the story line of Frozen. It was fast paced and fun. They cut out what needed to be cut to make it run smoother (and so it wouldn’t be too long) but I didn’t feel as though any of the main story was missing. The transitions went smoothly and props were great. Overall I thought they did a great job making this movie into an ice performance.

I have to say my very favorite part of the whole thing was that any time a song came on all the kids (and even some adults) sang along to it. It was so cute to look around and see all these wonderful little kids singing along together. My daughter was thrilled by it and was super enthralled and excited the whole time.

I would highly recommend this performance if you have any Frozen fans at your house.

Don’t forget it is playing NOW at Vivint Smart Home Arena! Make sure you go get your tickets and have an unforgettable night with your kids.

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