Davis County Splash Pads

Splash pads are one of the best ways to beat the heat during the summer! I love that the kids can run and play without many of the safety concerns that exist at public pools. The splash pads in Davis County are all fairly new–keep reading for pictures and reviews!

Ellison Park (Layton)
700 N 2200 W

This splash pad is definitely the most elaborate of the free ones in Davis County! With a huge dumping bucket, a water slide, and a large climbing area, it is almost like a miniature water park. I would recommend this splash pad for kids who love getting wet or older kids. While there are a few less-intense areas, the majority of this splash pad is not for those who are timid about getting sprayed. There is a regular playground about 50 yards away–it is nice to have the option to switch back and forth between the splash pad and the playground easily! Ellison Park is very large and has several playgrounds, baseball fields, basketball courts, football fields, tennis courts, a skate park, restrooms, and much more.

Heritage Park (Kaysville)
250 N Fairfield Rd

This splash pad is more in line with traditional splash pads. There are a variety of spray toys, and while there is plenty of water action going on to keep more adventurous spirits happy, kids who are a little more hesitant about getting wet will find many things to enjoy here as well. A favorite of my boys are the water sprayers that can be aimed by kids on the ground. My toddler loved the fountains, as he could fill up cups repeatedly without getting too wet himself. This splash pad also has restrooms adjacent to it which is very convenient! The regular playground is just a few steps away from the splash pad and features modern climbing equipment and slides for when the kids need a break from the water. This splash pad is right by the Kaysville Branch of the Davis County Library as well. There is a shade-shelter, but most of the benches are not in the shade, so many parents bring blankets or camp chairs to set up in the shaded portion.

Legacy Park (North Salt Lake)
1140 W 1100 N

This splash pad is composed exclusively of fountains spraying out of the ground in a variety of configurations. There is a cement barrier that runs around most of the splash pad, making supervision a bit easier and doubling as a seating area, although shade is minimal. The playgrounds and pavilions are a little walk away, but the restrooms are directly adjacent to the splash pad, and they are very nice with changing rooms and outdoor showers. The water does shut off for 15 minutes of every hour, so be prepared to fill that time!

To my knowledge, Davis County currently has only these 3 free splash pads. So be aware that they can be pretty crowded! There are 2 additional splash pads, located at the Farmington City Pool and the Clearfield Aquatic Center, that charge admission. Details can be found on their websites.

Happy splashing!


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