5 Family Friendly Biking Trails Around Davis County

Summer is here and the weather is great to take the bicycles out of the garage and take the whole family for a fun ride. Here are 5 trails around Davis County that are ideal for a family ride
this summer. When taking your family on a ride remember to:

● Bring plenty of water for the whole family

● Use sunscreen

● Bring a patch kit in case you get a flat tire

● Avoid the hours between 11 am and 2 pm

Bike Trails in Davis County

Kaysville East Mountain Wilderness Park Trail

This short trail near Kaysville is ideal for all ages and perfect for a quick family ride. A 1.3 mile loop with a climb of only 164 feet, it can easily be completed by kids around 8 and older in less than an hour, and even younger children with assistance. The trail is accessible year round. To see directions and more information, click here.

Nordic Valley Trails

This relatively short trail north of the Pineview Reservoir is suitable for pre-teens and older. A zigzagging loop on 2.8 miles with a 350 feet elevation change, should take 1 to 2 hours for a
family ride. The trail is very well kept and you will find tables, resting areas, and places to buy food and drinks, ideal for a complete family activity. For more information and directions, click here.

Pineview Trail

The pineview trail is an easy ride but a bit longer and might be more suitable for kids with stronger legs and a bit more cycling experience. Running along the western shore of the north
arm of Pineview Reservoir, the Pineview Trail is 3.2 miles long and is part of a longer trail that wraps around the reservoir. It could take a family over two hours to ride, but it does have
bathrooms and resting points along the way. To see directions and more information, click here.

Farmington Flats Loop

Located a few miles up the canyon east of Farmington, this relatively long trail is still suitable for young teens and older. A loop of about 5 miles and with an elevation gain of 450 feet, it will probably take a young family less than 3 hours to ride at a slow pace. Ideal for a whole afternoon family activity. Be ready to ride through forests and meadows and to see plenty of
nature. For more information and directions, click here.

Farmington Bay Wetlands Trail

If your family is up to a little longer ride, the Farmington Bay Wetlands Trail is your choice. Although the trail is a bit longer – 6.3 miles – it is completely flat and not too hard on the legs, so your family should be able to finish it within 3 or 4 hours. The trail is open from August through February. Be ready to see ponds and plenty of birds including ducks, grebes, coots, seagulls, ibis, pelicans, and herons. To see directions and more information, click here.

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Article Written by the Utah Car Accident Attorneys at Christensen Hymas

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