Inexpensive Halloween Finds!

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Halloween is coming soon and if you are like me you sometimes wait to the last minute to find some costumes for your kids.  I have to admit though, Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I hate spending tons of money on costumes that my kids wear for Halloween and then I feel like they take over my house because we have bins and bins of costumes. Well I have finally found a great solution to it, Deseret Industries.

They have tons of Halloween costumes at crazy low prices. (Like most of what I saw was $5-8.) Typically I have just found good deals on a costume and bought it for my kids and that is what they get to wear. Or they just have to re-purpose something around the house. This was the first year they got to pick out a costume themselves and they LOVED it.


They had racks and racks of options!

My youngest kids nick name is Hen so we thought this chicken outfit was just perfect for him.


He was super excited for his Spider man costume!


My daughter had wanted to be a wizard for Halloween but when she saw this elephant costume she couldn’t resist. Elephants are her favorite animal.


One of the greatest things about buying from DI (besides the fact that it is so cheap.) Is that because I got such a good deal on the costumes I don’t feel bad about donating them back to DI if the kids don’t wear them after Halloween. Then they don’t clutter my house and some other family can benefit from a good deal.

DI also has a wide selection of Halloween/fall decorations and tons of fall clothing. Plus they have tons of clothing and shoes in the store if you want to create your own costume.

DI has many other things besides Halloween costumes and I can almost always find clothes or things that I need for my home there. Plus DI is making a big difference supporting those who need employment and those suffering in other countries and at home. I love buying stuff from DI and donating to them so that I can support such a great cause.

So if you are still needing some Halloween costumes check out your local Desert Industries!

Davis County Desert Industries locations:

930 W Hill Field Rd, Layton, UT 84041

158 E Pages Ln, Centerville, UT 84014


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