Dino Fest

DinoFest is coming to NHMU on January 20 & 21!

We’ll celebrate “Dinosaurs in Motion” and take a closer look at how prehistoric giants moved, from their striding legs to bone-crushing jaws.

Discover how dinosaur movement evolved over time at our Saturday keynote lecture with Dr. John Hutchinson, of the Royal Veterinary College in the UK.

Delve into the mystery of how four-limbed vertebrates achieved the ability to stand on solid ground at our Sunday keynote lecture with Dr. Stephanie E. Pierce, of Harvard University.

Click here to see our complete list of guest speakers.

Enjoy fun activities for dino lovers of all ages, including dinosaur-themed face painting, dinosaur arts and crafts, an open house in our paleo collection, and more.

Plus, don’t miss this opportunity for an up-close look at the newest Tyrannosaur fossil in our Paleo Prep Lab.

It’s all happening on January 20 and 21. DinoFest is included with regular admission and free for Museum Members.

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